plug & play

factory-built modular
data centers


optimal modular solutions

unlimited user-friendly expandability

complex, multi-floor assemblies

compact, self-contained, five to twenty racks

scalable buildings
modular pay-as-you-
grow options

ala carte services
take what you need

precise customization
senior-level engagement

colocation anywhere
on demand

streamlined process
quick decisions

content, IoT &
distributed compute

what we do

the way it should be

iM Data Centers manufactures unique, factory-built, expandable modular data centers, based on its proprietary designs … faster, superior to and less expensive than traditional bricks-and-mortar facilities.

iM’s disruptive technology for data center design and creation is the leading edge of a new wave of innovation, enabled by iM’s hard-won insight gained as pioneers in designing, engineering, building, owning and operating data centers for twenty-five years.

what we do

the way it should be

lower costs

cutting edge reliability

compliant security

scalable expandability


the way we are

iM provides a turn-key approach, ideal for single point accountability that can be relied upon long after the facilities are up, the servers are processing data and switches are handling traffic.

We understand issues like access to fiber, jurisdictional approvals, electrical power requirements, structural loading, clearances, generator and fueling set-ups, specialized cooling and a myriad of other mission-critical elements. Our ability to apply this specialized knowledge paves the way for cost effective and rapid facility deployment.

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