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StackBlox is iM’s modular solution for complex, multi-level modular assemblies for up to three floors and hyperscale footprints. iM’s groundbreaking factory-built modular data centers provide a new option to consider and compare to traditional bricks-and-mortar builds.

iM’s StackBlox:

  • pure modular pod assemblies that assemble up to three levels using multiple blocks
  • fast delivery, site development concurrent with modular manufacturing, simplified sitework
  • IT power load density to 15KW per rack
  • high-tier standards, manufactured in the US, factory-commissioned
  • complete cold-aisle & hot-aisle containment & superior airflow dynamics
  • turnkey services for end-to-end delivery of fully-integrated & self-contained data centers
  • factory-built quality control impossible to replicate at jobsites
  • PUE-driven, sustainable engineering for super energy-efficient design & components, reduced waste
  • post-commissioning support, with guaranteed response times
  • ongoing maintenance from globally significant critical equipment manufacturers
  • lower operating costs, reduced power consumption & break/fix expense
  • flexible systems, utilizing server & transport agnostic technology

StackBlox are NOT:

✘  ISO containers (that try to fit a round peg into a square hole)
✘  interior pods (that require a building in place to be able to accommodate them)
✘  a packaged building kit requiring extensive field fabrication (that calls itself modular with some pre-fabricated components)

the need for speed / modular advantages

Large data centers typically take a long time to design and build, and cost effective bricks-and-mortar solutions need to be large to make good sense. iM’s modular solutions scale perfectly with demand on a pay-as-you-grow basis, smart given the rapid shifts in IT requirements that are spurred by quick growth and changing technologies and the high cost of capital that hibernates in over-built facilities. Modular builds require greatly reduce on-location field work, performed simultaneously with manufacturing to cut construction times to less than half.

intelligent customization

iM provides turn-key solutions for enterprise-level single-user data centers and multi-tenant colocation facilities. All aspects of site selection, design, engineering, manufacturing. construction, installation and commissioning are available on a flexible basis, intelligently tailored to our Customers’ mission-critical needs. Our background creating and operating data centers for over twenty years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process, and we also offer comprehensive migration management and training to insure the smooth a delivery, commissioning and move-in process.

Large data center deployments involve a detailed collaboration between iM and the Customer, applying design and engineering methodologies to match schedule and phasing requirements, with comprehensive knowledge of anticipated uses and business plans taken into consideration.

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