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iM provides modular data center infrastructure, and will customize facilities engineered specifically for our partners’ brands and requirements to enable their IT solutions, such as Cloud-in-a-box and other EDGE-based applications.


seamlessly expandable facilities

iM’s standard MultiBlox data centers are configured with two types of modular ‘blocks’: 1) Data Blocks (containing twenty-five server racks), connected to 2) Core Blocks (housing power gear, DCIM, mantrap entries, work space, and other support infrastructure). Additional Core and Data Blocks can be seamlessly connected to base installations as needed, with zero operational downtime, to create expanded, contiguous data center space that stays easy to move around in.

partner benefits:

  • reduce cap-ex, by building what’s needed & adding more later
  • reduce op-ex, with iM’s PUE-driven engineering
  • highlight brands, with facilities specifically tailored to offerings
  • streamline timeframes with modular advantages & iM’s proven turnkey approach
  • select ideal locations for resiliency parameters, proximity to customers & business operation centers, optimal tax
  • benefits, preferential power costs & intelligent connectivity options

iM provides enterprise-class modular data centers customized for our customers’ colocation requirements at competitive pricing wherever, whenever needed.

intelligent customization

All aspects of site selection, design, engineering, manufacturing, site improvements, installations and commissioning are available on a flexible basis, intelligently tailored to our Partners’ mission-critical needs. Because connectivity is the life blood of the IT business, we understand how to create fiber pathways, and have repeatedly solved for them on a carrier-neutral basis.

Our background creating and operating data centers for over twenty years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process.

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