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‘MultiBlox’ is iM’s modular solution for side-by-side, connected blocks to provide open, contiguous, user-friendly data center areas, powered and supported by ‘Core Blocks’ configured to fit adjacent and connected to ‘Data Blocks’ that each house twenty-five deep IT racks.

iM tailors solutions to accommodate larger modular data centers on a single level configured with expandable, connected side-by-side pods to create ‘Data Blocks’ with open, contiguous data center space that’s easy to work within.   Data Blocks are powered by separate Core Blocks, configured to support, fit adjacent to and connected with Data Blocks.   iM’s factory-built, standalone modular server data centers accommodate N+1 and 2N typologies, installed on demand, wherever and whenever required.   Scalable to over 2,000 racks, iM’s standalone structures are Category 5 hurricane proof, tailored for all climates and conditions.

iM’s MultiBlox are:

  • configured as ‘Data Blocks’ & ‘Core Blocks’
  • Data Blocks contain twenty-five deep IT cabinets
  • Core Blocks contain entry, power gear & other support components
  • standardized IT power densities up to 15KW per rack
  • side-by-side connected pods to create open, contiguous datacenter space
  • multiple power options at N+1 & 2N
  • PUE’s less than 1.2
  • manufactured in the US, commissioned at the factory
  • shipped as fully-assembled components that require minimal construction work at the site
  • ‘concurrently expandable’ after prior installations

MultiBlox are NOT:

✘  ISO containers (that try to fit a round peg into a square hole)
✘  interior pods (that require a building in place to be able to accommodate them)
✘  a packaged building kit requiring extensive field fabrication (that calls itself modular with some pre-fabricated components)


iM has found a way to create data centers in meaningful building blocks within a factory, utilizing the best in traditional data center equipment and engineering, delivering complete solutions in a fraction of the time needed for traditional applications.

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