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iM provides wholesale colocation data centers...... completed structures and exterior amenities with core power and connectivity infrastructure in place, with interior areas fully-outfitted and ready for customer occupation.   Typically iM will operate and maintain the provided improvements, and the customer will manage all data center operations.   Delivered as an entire building, created for and dedicated to a customer, or as a section of an existing building, we provide the customers' infrastructure tailored to their exact requirements.

Providing a long-term lease structure for private suite areas, iM delivers an optimal level of customization and control for the customer without the related significant capital outlay.   iM's proprietary, groundbreaking factory-built modular data centers provide a very cost-effective a option for customers to consider and compare to traditional bricks and mortar solutions.

Creating and keeping data centers operational is a distraction for companies that would rather concentrate on their core business.   Just as IT platforms and systems are outsourced today, IM provides Clients with a pragmatic and cost-effective resource to insure infrastructure uptime.

secure and Compliant

Emergency power and cooling systems are designed to meet customer requirements and best practices.   iM provides ongoing management of mission-critical infrastructure including emergency power systems to the PDU, cooling systems, physical security, access systems, CCTV and other data center systems as required to meet stringent compliance requirements.   We provide assurance that all customer data assets are protected from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, accidental damage and other threats.   Interconnection is the life-blood of business, iM understands all of the issues related to creating underground fiber pathways and carrier connectivity, and has repeatedly solved them on a carrier-neutral basis.

detailed Customization

iM will customize floor plan configurations, power resiliency architecture, cooling delivery systems and other systems precisely in accordance with customer needs for dedicated infrastructure, operational control and design flexibility.   iM is a partner with Clients that want to reduce costs and have flexible colocation options without getting lost in the shuffle at low-touch colossal data centers and non-carrier-neutral facilities.


Under our shared capital outlay alternatives, iM participates in funding the creation of new customer data center facilities, with creative alternatives for leasing, operations and colocation revenue sharing.   

Our background creating and operating data centers for the past twenty years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process, and exactly what works to maximize uptime while reducing operational expenses.

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