strategic IT systems and network programming
   site feasibility, survey, audit & selection
   ideal building typology study
   power, cooling & security audit/analysis
   migration & relocation planning
   DR & BC planning/implementation
   fiber & connectivity solving


   schematic & conceptual design
   turnkey architecture & engineering
   systems reliability analysis
   value engineering
   jurisdictional approvals & permitting
   quantity survey
   early lead-time item procurement
   optimal system design including mission-critical DCIM, power & cooling


   site, civil & utility improvements
   general contracting or construction management
   modular manufacturing & installation
   value engineering
   fast-track scheduling & delivery
   commissioning & training


   due diligence & related acquisition services
   conceptual development & budget analysis
   planning & zoning approvals
   site & right-of-way acquisition
   equity &/or fee-based real estate & facility development
   asset financing, ownership & lease options


   complete facility management
   24/7 NOC monitoring & reporting
   physical & technical security
   programmed & unplanned maintenance
   deficiency & vulnerability reporting
   cable & systems management/planning
   capacity planning/management
   shop drawings & as-built records

deep experience

Our nuts-and-bolts construction background and state-of-the-art engineering savvy is a hard combination to find, and we put our knowledge acquired from years in the field to work in the creation and improvement of data center facilities.   Since the mid-90s, iM recognized the unprecedented real estate needs of the telecommunications industry and was a pioneer in the creation of multi-tenant technology centers.   The success of these projects refined our education and assured our complete understanding of the unique real estate needs of data centers and how to build them cost-effectively.

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