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Under our sale / lease back alternatives, iM will purchase a customer's data center facility with the customer leasing back the portion of capacity actually needed for its operations.   As a provider of wholesale and fully-managed colocation with an expanding portfolio and access to the required capital, iM will aggressively pursue win-win scenarios created by good sale / lease back transactions.

customer benefits

   cash infusion (for new initiatives or investors)
   reduce operating costs & IT head-count
   increase focus on core business
   eliminate underutilized data center assets
   allow transition to more cloud-based operations
   eliminate ownership responsibilities & risk outside of core business
   zero disruption of data center operations

maintain uptime

If a sale / lease back requires retrofit and/or the segregation of key mission-critical infrastructure, we will find the most cost-effective and expeditious path to achieve it, and involve any level of collaboration that customers want.   The iM team has completed hundreds of data center improvement projects.   Having applied many approaches to maintain uptime and handle increased power densities, we have adopted a responsive approach to insure the unique IT infrastructure needs of our customers.    Performing complex renovations while avoiding downtime is a skill-set we have demonstrated over and over.

Our background creating, owning and operating data centers for the past twenty years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step, and exactly what works to maximize uptime and control costs.

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