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iM's capabilities evolved from prolific design/build, development and data center service firms that have created hundreds of mission critical facilities and operated large data centers globally for over twenty years.

Founded by CEO Michael Roark, iM recently widened its focus to include groundbreaking factory-built modular data centers, enabling the potential to combine distributed, modular data centers facilities with its hub facilities.

iM joined forces with Colm Piercy and Chirisa Group in 2016, extending iM's capabilities vis'-a-vis Colm's portfolio companies that include Viatel, Digiweb, Dataplex and Clyde Real Estate, clearing the path for iM to become a global end-to-end provider of data center solutions.

The iM Companies' strong history & proven competencies to create and operate large-scale IT infrastructure allows us to confidently offer a wide spectrum of data center service solutions and IT-related offerings.   The entrepreneurial attitude that comes from being privately-held lets us be innovative & responsive.

iM focused IT infrastructure services let our Clients stay connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us......

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