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iM is bringing something entirely new to the delivery of enterprise-level, factory-built modular data centers customized and scaled to exact customer need, on or off premises, owned and operated by iM for colocation on demand.  

Away from major metropolitan areas, there are very limited high-quality data center outsourcing options available.   Regional governments, hospital districts, enterprises, SMEs and many other types of organizations need hardened, well-connected primary data centers, and are not inclined nor able to depend wholly on the Cloud.   Ideal Edge storage, content caching, IoT and distributed compute delivery requires small data centers at multiple locations beyond the secondary and tertiary markets, for faster local access, better service, lower transport costs, reduced origin server loads and network decongestion.   Small data centers also serve as perfect sanctuaries for disaster recovery and business resiliency operations.

the need for speed

We deliver turnkey solutions for factory-built, enterprise-class, standalone modular data centers at N+1 and 2N typologies, on demand, wherever and whenever required.   Scalable facilities from 5 to 2,000+ racks, iM's standard solutions accommodate power densities to 15KW of IT load per rack.

monthly charge based

no facility capital outlay

iM's fully-managed colocation services, delivered within plug-and-play iM modular data centers, is in response to the unaddressed need for high-tier facilities at locations without any attractive colocation options.  

iM modular data centers are typically configured as contiguous pods that contain twenty or twenty five server racks, expandable side-by-side to create a modular solution with open, user-friendly data center space.   Server rack pods are powered by connected electrical pods and served by connected administrative pods.   Installed on or off of the customers' premises, all aspects of siting, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning are available from iM on a flexible basis, intelligently tailored to Clients' needs.   These tightly-controlled environments enable power and cooling efficiencies that are simply not possible in the wide-open spaces of legacy data centers, and our modules are delivered at a fraction of the time needed for traditional construction.

iM provides enterprise-class modular data centers customized for our customers' colocation requirements at competitive pricing wherever, whenever needed.

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